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International Tax Planner

International Tax Planning

For all the tax related queries, we offer best of services within stipulated time frame. We help clients with all international taxation matters, such as:

  • Worldwide taxation structures
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Setting up of a foreign branch or subsidiary
  • Foreign tax legislation
  • Double taxation agreements
  • Tax efficient funding and extraction of profits

1999 FEMA

Our cross-border and international tax services include:

  • Transfer pricing strategies that protect profits within the increasingly complex regulatory environment.
  • Worldwide tax minimization for international business.
  • A full range of compliance services for international corporate and personal tax.
  • Tax favourable immigration and emigration planning.
  • High-level diagnostic of a group's transfer pricing policies, especially in due diligence assignments.
  • Detailed functional analysis of selected entities and related industry analysis.
  • Comparables and benchmarking analysis exercises.
  • Compliance with local or global documentation sets.
  • Price setting (TP planning) of entities in terms of functions performed and risks assumed.
  • Structuring of inter company transactions and new business initiatives (using an integrated approach with the Tax and Regulatory team).
  • Analysis of tax efficient IP exploitation schemes.
  • Representation before Revenue authorities for transfer pricing audit defence.
  • Management of international TP projects from an Indian perspective.
  • Analysis of attribution of profits to Permanent Establishment (PE).

The main purpose of our service in order to assist foreign companies investing in India :

Protect profits, minimize foreign tax liabilities, avoid making costly mistakes or being blindsided by complex offshore rules.